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  • It Was Not Death

    by: Emily Dickinson


    It was not death, for I stood up,
    And all the dead lie down.
    It was not night, for all the bells
    Put out their tongues for noon.

    It was not frost, for on my flesh
    I felt siroccos crawl,
    Nor fire, for just my marble feet
    Could keep a chancel cool.

    And yet it tasted like them all,
    The figures I have seen
    Set orderly for burial
    Reminded me of mine,

    As if my life were shaven
    And fitted to a frame
    And could not breathe without a key,
    And 'twas like midnight, some,

    When everything that ticked has stopped
    And space stares all around,
    Or grisly frosts, first autumn morns,
    Repeal the beating ground;

    But most like chaos, stopless, cool,
    Without a chance, or spar,
    Or even a report of land
    To justify despair.


    By: Emily Dickinson

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