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  • I Cannot Live With You

    by Emily Dickinson.


    I cannot live with you,
    It would be life,
    And life is over there
    Behind the shelf

    The sexton keeps the key to,
    Putting up
    Our life, his porcelain,
    Like a cup

    Discarded of the housewife,
    Quaint or broken;
    A newer Sevres pleases,
    Old ones crack.

    I could not die with you,
    For one must wait
    To shut the other's gaze down,
    You could not.

    And I, could I stand by
    And see you freeze,
    Without my right of frost,
    Death's privilege?

    Nor could I rise with you,
    Because your face
    Would put out Jesus'.
    That new grace

    Glow plain and foreign
    On my homesick eye,
    Except that you, than he
    Shone closer by.


    By: Emily Dickinson

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