Poems about Friendship


Short poems and quotes about friendship by Sri Chinmoy


My true friend is he who loves me for what I inwardly am and not for what I outwardly have.


My heart will never outgrow its need for friendship.


My friends in silence remind me that I have infinitely more significant things to do here on earth than making

complaints against my enemies.


Friendship is not the greatness of our minds. Friendship is the goodness of our hearts.


Forgive your friends. They will love infinitely more.


Because of self-giving friendship this world of ours is exceedingly beautiful.


A real friendship cannot be a frail and wavering bridge.


Friendship is the soil where happiness proudly grows.

Sri Chinmoy (1)

Your friendship with humanity
Is not secure.
Therefore you always go
Out of your way
To please humanity.

Your friendship with God
Is unimaginably secure.
Therefore quite often
You manage
To forget Him.

– Sri Chinmoy (2)


Friendship is
No fragile human bond.
Friendship is
A strong oneness-bridge.

– Sri Chinmoy (3)

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