Laughing at the word two


That Illumined

Who keeps
Seducing the formless into form

Had the charm to win my

Only a Perfect One

Who is always
Laughing at the word

Can make you know



‘The Gift – Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master’
translations by Daniel Ladinsky

3 thoughts on “Laughing at the word two

  1. St Andrews beach

    A day on the beach with Hafiz

    Fell upon Hafiz for the first time years ago whilst on a short break with a bunch of friends. One of the group was returning a host of books to someone at the university. The books were numerous copies of ‘I Heard God Laughing’ and ‘The Subject Tonight is Love’ by Hafiz. As soon as I started to read them the world seemed to dissappear. I excused myself from the happy holiday gang and spent the entire day on the beach with Hafiz – crying from the soles of my feet and what felt like everybody elses feet, wailing to the wind – not a living soul around – no need to supress the sobs- nothing quite like it – a divine catharsis. Heres to empty beaches and divine poetry.

  2. lizzy stevens

    OMG! This is so sweet, i have to memorize a poem that is 14+ lines and i am so using it and i don’t even care that it’s only 14 lines

  3. Divya Mathew

    i love the first bit, but don’t quite understand what he means by ‘..who is always laughing at the word two’
    great poem nonetheless


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