Selected Flower Flames by Sri Chinmoy 1-20

Selected Flower Flames

by Sri Chinmoy 1-20


You Have Discovered

My Lord,

I came to You with empty hands,

But you have discovered

My empty heart, too.



I Came From God

I came from God

The Eternal Dreamer.

I am heading towards God

The Immortal Lover.



Your Happiness-Gift

Of all the gifts

You have offered to God,

Your happiness-gift

He treasures most.



The Mind Wants to Invent

The mind wants to invent

A new God.

The heart wants to discover

The ancient and eternal God.



Please Warn Me

My Lord,

Please warn me before You come.

Otherwise, You may come unrecognised

And go back unloved.



My Heart Says to My Mind

My mind says to my heart:

“Will you please praise God for me?”

My heart says to my mind:

“Will you please pray to God

To bless me?”



The Fare

What is the fare

From earth to Heaven?

The fragrance-beauty

Of a gratitude-heart.



Every Time I Run Away From You

Every time I run away from You

And come back,

I see Your Eyes

More illumining than before.

And I feel Your Heart

More forgiving than before.



The Lord Of My Thoughts

My Lord, I am happy

Because You are the Lord of my life.

Can You not make me perfect

By becoming the Lord of my thoughts?



Two Miracles

The miracle of my sound-life:

It can chase God.


The miracle of my silence-life:

It can embrace God.



Two Secret Wishes


Are my Secret wishes:

I shall show God

Man’s transformation-head.

I shall show man

God’s Compassion-Feet



Not Beyond Possibility

Not beyond man’s possibility

Is God-realisation.

Not beyond earth’s possibility

Is earth-transformation.

Not beyond my possibility

Is self-transcendence



I Do Not Interfere

I do not interfere in God’s Affairs.

Every day I let Him

Create a new world.

God does not interfere in my affairs


Every day He lets me

Destroy an old world.



A New Prayer

Your old prayer may not change God.

But God can grant you

A new prayer,

And this prayer

Will make you really happy.

What is your new prayer?


In God’s own Way.



To Frighten and Enlighten

To frighten the animal in me

My God is all Justice.


To enlighten the human in me

My God is all Compassion



God’s Lion-Power


I desired to be

God’s Lion-Power.



I desire to be

God’s Deer-Speed.



I shall desire to be

God’s Lamb-Fondness



What You Did

God wanted you

To go to Him untouched.

But what you did,

You know!

You went to God unchanged!



Are You Tired, O Lord?

Are You, O Lord,

Tired of being good?

It seems You are.


Are You, O Lord,

Tired of being divine?

It seems You are.


Are You, O Lord,

Tired of being perfect?

It seems You are.


O my Lord Supreme,

Then do bless me

With your Goodness-Heart,

Divinity Life and Perfection-Role.



Two Observers

God watched me

From the sky

With His unchanging Compassion.

I watched God from the ground

With my increasing hesitation.



The Boon

Scold me, my Lord, untiringly.

Insult me, my Lord, unreservedly.

But, my Lord, do not forget Your Boon.

You told me millions of years ago

That You would grant me the capacity

To love You sleeplessly;

Something more, unconditionally.


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