Quotes on Yoga

yoga quotes

by Sri Chinmoy



Yoga is union. It is the union of the individual soul with the Supreme Self.


Yoga is the spiritual science that teaches us how the Ultimate Reality can be realised in life itself.


The awakened consciousness of man is visibly tending towards the Divine. This is a most hopeful streak of light amidst the surrounding obscurities of today. This is a moment, not merely of joining hands, but of joining minds, hearts and souls. Across all physical and mental barriers between East and West, high above national standards, above even individual standards, will fly the supreme banner of Divine Oneness.


The very aim of practising Yoga is to have peace, peace of mind. When one acquires peace of mind, automatically one possesses indomitable inner strength.


Previously, even in India, the land where it has always been practised, Yoga was confined to the limited few. But now the book of Yoga is no longer sealed; it is open to all.


When we practise Yoga, we try to enlarge our consciousness until the time comes when our consciousness pervades the length and breadth of the world. With our conscious awareness, we become one, totally one, with the universe.


When we enter into the field of Yoga, we feel that the love and service we offer to mankind is not for others, but for us, for our enlarged part. There is no such thing as “others.” All are members of the same family.


If a large number of people accepted Yoga, then the face of society would be completely changed.


When we have learned what we can expect from aspiration and what we can expect from Yoga, world peace will no longer remain a far cry.


-Sri Chinmoy

from Yoga of Sri Chinmoy – quotes for U.N. yoga day