Short Poems and Quotes about America



A selection of short poems and quotes about America by Sri Chinmoy


America’s special strength
Lies not in frightening the weak
And challenging the strong,
But in strengthening the weak
Illumining the strong.

– Sri Chinmoy (5)

America means speed:
Speed to run the fastest.
America means victory:
Victory over ignorance.

Sri Chinmoy (1)

Smile, America, my America,
Why do you weep, why do you cry?
The world’s volley of criticism
Need not curse the real in you
It cannot curse the real in you.
Smile, America!
Run and jump!
Achieve and become!
Smile, America, smile!

Sri Chinmoy (2)


Hope discovered America.
America has discovered promise.
Promise will discover Fulfilment supreme
In Perfection divine.

Sri Chinmoy (3)

Quotes on America

“America’s liberty was America’s outer success. America’s equality is America’s inner progress.”

“Yesterday America enjoyed the sacred flame of liberty. Today America enjoys the sacred light of equality. Tomorrow America shall enjoy the sacred sun of divinity.”

“Columbus discovered America. America discovered fastest speed and surest success.”

“The human in some American souls touched and rang the Liberty Bell. The divine in some American souls heard the Bell ringing and valued the soul and the goal of the Bell.”

“Watergate is America’s justice-height and the world’s admiration-flight.
Watergate has told us that sincerity-heart ultimately triumphs, insincerity-mind eventually, plus helplessly, fails.
What is sincerity? Oneness-satisfaction. What is insincerity? Division-glorification.”
Excerpt from The Liberty Torch by Sri Chinmoy




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