Poems on Enthusiasm

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Poems on Enthusiasm by Sri Chinmoy


My Lord, Why do I fail?

My Lord, why do I fail?

Why do I sadly fail?

“My child, break asunder your mind-cherished jail.”



Sleep no more, sleep no more,

Sleep no more, dream no more!

Your Lord Supreme is knocking at your heart-door.



My Lord, I need,

I need a rainbow-heart.

“My child, pray for a purity-life.






No night, no night, no darkness-night,

Just the beauty and fragrance of light.



Every action of God

Is a Creation-Dance.

Every action of ignorance

Is a destruction-lance.




Never, never shall I allow

My God-manifestation-promise to die.

My soul and I fly and fly very high

In the vastness of God-fulfilment-sky.



Strive for a fire-pure change, strive!

Your life and your heart are bound to thrive.



  • Source: Sri Chinmoy’s songbook: Enthusiasm, part 12