Sri Chinmoy Passes Away

Sri Chinmoy, global harmony leader, poet, musician and humanitarian, yesterday, left his mortal body, entering into Mahasamadhi. Sri Chinmoy was born in 1931, Bengal, India

Sri Chinmoy has dedicated his life to the ideal of peace, harmony and oneness between the different peoples of the world.

Sri Chinmoy was led a fully active life, up until the day of his passing. He recently visited Russia, to see a hospital dedicated to Raisa Gorbachev

The Ever New Vision and Ever Ancient Reality

All you need to do is open this book and read the first line of the first poem,

“An endless series of skies
Where there is no air…”1.

If these few words do not immediately open your heart to the depth and splendor that exists beyond the reasoning mind and compel you to read more, then this book is not for you.

A recently compiled collection of Sri Chinmoy’s early poetry, this book is over flowing with the pen strokes of a true seer poet. As the editor of the book wrote;

These poem-songs are inundated with the nature-beauty of the Mother Earth and Heaven’s fragrance of light and delight.

Sri Chinmoy has translated these poems from his native language, Bengali, and the chosen poems are selected from over one thousand poems written by Sri Chinmoy when he lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and from his early years when he moved to America in 1964. Since these days he has gone on to write over one hundred thousand poems in English, all depicting the various experiences of the seeker travelling the road of the inner journey.

The poetry of Sri Chinmoy’s early years is inundated with his love of and identification with nature, frequently used metaphorically to assist the reader in identifying with the reality of the higher worlds;

“Seven seas and seven mountains
Around me.
Inside, the light of the sun
Is dancing in the inmost recesses of my heart.
No matter which side I cast my glance,
Mother Divine, I see myself enveloped
In Your fond embrace.” (2)

Most striking in Sri Chinmoy’s poetry is his unique ability to use simple language and imagery to portray a deep and lofty message;

“O my poem, you are the lotus
Of my heart.
You bring into my heart
Nectar-light from Heaven.
When my life flows
With the river of sorrow
With its countless waves,
May your magic touch
Hide me in the waters
Of liberation-sea.” 3.

This book of 100 pages is overflowing with enchantment, beauty, and splendor. Even a short read will carry any aspiring reader far away from the worries and doubts of the human mind, to Sri Chinmoy’s enamored and deeply touching captivation of “The Ever-New Vision and the Ever-Ancient Reality”.

By: Harita Davies, Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre

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The Mind and Heart

The mind,
Consciously or unconsciously,
Can harm others.

The heart
never harms anybody,
Even unconsciously.

In the mind,
Inspiring thoughts
Come and go.

In the heart,
Aspiring feelings
Grow and flow.

My mind,
How is it that
Everything always has to be
In your own way,
And why?

The narrowness-mind
I was.

The vastness-heart
I now am.

To transform our earth-planet,
Only one thing is needed:
Spirituality’s breath.


By: Sri Chinmoy: From Seventy Seven Thousand Service Trees vol 41.

How to Achieve More than we Think.

1. Never underestimate the power of Thought.

We should never underestimate the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts, in a fleeting instant, can take us either to heaven or hell. Similarly, thoughts can determine our success or failure. A man who continually thinks he is inadequate or doomed to failure will sadly prove the truth of his own thoughts. To achieve success we have to visualise success. When we hold onto thoughts of failure and fear, we subconsciously invite the very events we wish to avoid. At the very least we can suspend disbelief and maintain a clear mind.

Thought is the bridge

Between Heaven and hell.

Thought is power,

A ceaseless magic spell.

– Sri Chinmoy, from poem: Thought

2. Aim high

Just because something has not been achieved before does not mean it will always remain impossible. Somebody had to be first to climb Mount Everest. There is no reason why the first person cannot be you. Quite often, when one person achieves something, many other people are soon able to do it too. For example, it took many years for someone to break the 4 minute mile record; however, after Roger Bannister broke it, many other runners soon went under. When others achieve something we subconsciously gain confidence; to be a pathfinder we should have confidence in ourselves whatever others may do.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

– J.F. Kennedy

3. Be Inspired by Others

If we value the inspiration offered by others we will be able to learn and absorb their good qualities. Their achievement may be in an unrelated field, but the principle of self transcendence we can apply to our field. Appreciating the achievements of others is a very powerful force for our own success. If we look upon everyone else as competitors we feel a sense of separation, we will not be able to share in their success and learn from their achievements.

4. Self transcendence

Self Transcendence is a very powerful philosophy, it is the belief that we can continually improve on our previous achievements. Self transcendence can be applied to all aspects of our life. If we make this our own philosophy we can continually aim at surpassing our previous achievements.

“When we transcend ourselves, we do not compete with others. We do not compete with the rest of the world, but at every moment we compete with ourselves.”

– Sri Chinmoy
5. Do not be discouraged by Failure.

The problem we often face in achieving something new, is that we easily get discouraged by failure. We should change our attitude to failure; instead of seeing it as a bad thing, we should feel it is a necessary step to our final success. To find a new treatment, research scientists may have to undergo countless experiments that do not work. If we have real determination we will not allow a temporary failure to stop us.

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.”

– George Bernard Shaw

6. Do Not listen to Criticism

The world has more than its fair share of critics. It seems it is easier to put down people than offer encouragement. If we place great emphasis on other’s opinions, we will be easily discouraged when they tell us our task is impossible. Fear of what other people may think nearly prevented Darwin publishing his theory of evolution; at the turn of the century, there were many people who said building a flying craft was foolishly impossible. To achieve something new we need a vision and also have faith in it.

“When you invent something, there will always be people to criticise. God’s creation is full of critics, but has God given up His creation because of the critics?”

– Sri Chinmoy

Quotes on Miracles

Miracles are everywhere to be found
When I surrender my infinite desires
To my immortal aspirations.

– Sri Chinmoy [1]

Only two miracles are worth seeing:
The miracle of loving
The miracle of forgiving.

– Sri Chinmoy [2]

The whole world is looking for miracles.
Every day it is dying to see miracles.
But can there be any miracle
More challenging, more illumining
And more fulfilling
Than to see and feel the infinite Beauty
Of my Beloved Supreme
Inside this tinier than the tiniest
Gratitude-heart of mine?

Sri Chinmoy [3]

“The greatest miracle is to remain for one extra second in a divine consciousness. If you can remain one second more in a divine consciousness, then that is the supreme miracle on earth. Miracles will not help you achieve God-realisation. Far from it. In fact, miracles can create all kinds of problems.”

Excerpt from Miracles, Emanations And Dreams by Sri Chinmoy.

[1] Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 90 by Sri Chinmoy.

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[3] Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 54 by Sri Chinmoy.

Quotes on Love

I love his silence.
His silence is my heart’s pole-star.

I love his voice.
His voice is my life’s only nectar.

I love his smile.
His smile is my divinity’s life.

I love his love.
His love is my Eternity’s All.

– Sri Chinmoy [1]



One positive seed-thought
Has saved me,
My entire life:
My Lord Supreme
Will always love me
No matter what I do
Or what I say
Or even what I become.

– Sri Chinmoy [2]


Love Mankind here,
Soulfully and sleeplessly.
The Reward you will get elsewhere,
Unmistakably plus infinitely

Sri Chinmoy [3]


[1] Excerpt from The Dance Of Life, Part 13 by Sri Chinmoy.

[2] From Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 9 by Sri Chinmoy.

[3] Love by Sri Chinmoy