Short Poems on Forgiveness

Means transformation
Of a human heart
Into a divine life.

Sri Chinmoy (1)

Forgiveness is
The unparalleled capacity
To swim in the ecstasy-sea.

Sri Chinmoy (2)

Ugliness is his inner life,
Deceitfulness is his outer life.
God-forgiveness transforms
His inner life
God-forgiveness perfects
His outer life.

Sri Chinmoy (3)

If I cannot have compassion-power,
Let me have forgiveness-power.
If I cannot have forgiveness-power,
Let me have tolerance-power.
If I cannot have tolerance-power,
Let me at least delay
My judgement-power.

Sri Chinmoy (4)

The age-old discovery—
Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness—
Is the only way
To real happiness.

Sri Chinmoy (5)


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