Poems on Faith

Courage is the eye of faith.
Love is the heart of faith.
Truth is the head of faith.
God is the soul of faith.

Sri Chinmoy (1)

Faith must be beautiful.
Faith must be soulful.
Faith must be prayerful.
Faith must be heartfelt.
Finally, faith must be living.
Only then a seeker achieves
Boundless spiritual progress.

Sri Chinmoy (2)

Faith is wisdom.
Faith is power.
Faith is heart-fragrance.
Faith is the sun-child
Of the Beyond.

Sri Chinmoy (3)

What is faith?
Your divinity within you.
What is faith?
God's supreme Pride in you.
What is faith?
Your eternal Immortality in God.

Sri Chinmoy (4)

Faith can believe everything
That we say.
Belief can increase the strength
Of faith.
Belief is pure,
Faith is sure.
Belief looks around
To see the truth.
Faith looks within
Not only to feel the truth
But also to become the truth.

Sri Chinmoy (5)

You have no faith in God.
No harm, just run speedily
With faith in yourself.
You will reach your goal.
I have faith in God.
Although I went slowly
With my faith in God,
I have already reached my Goal.

Sri Chinmoy (6)

Arise in faith!
Earth will give you
All its love.
Arise in faith!
Heaven will give you
All its joy.
Arise in faith!
God will give you
All His Freedom.
Arise in faith!
You will realise
That you are not only in all,
Of all and for all,
But also
You are ALL.

Sri Chinmoy (7)


My Lord Supreme,
What is the difference
Between faith and love?
"My child,
There is no difference
Between faith and love.
"Faith and love
Are two complementary souls.
"Faith is the heart of love
And love is the breath of faith."

Sri Chinmoy (8)



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