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The Boat Of Time Sails On – Sri Chinmoy

The sky calls me,
The wind calls me,
The moon and the stars call me.

The green and the dense groves call me,
The dance of the fountain calls me,
Smiles call me, tears call me.
A faint melody calls me.
The morn, noon and eve call me.

Everyone is searching for a playmate,
Everyone is calling me, “Come, come!”
One voice, one sound, all around.
Alas, the Boat of Time sails on.

by Sri Chinmoy

Ever and Never – Sri Chinmoy

Will You love me, Lord,
If I love ignorance more?
“I shall love you,
To you open My Spirit’s Door.”

Will You love me, Lord,
If I marry the fires of hell?
“I shall love you;
Your life’s venom-tree My Eye shall fell.”

Will You love me, Lord,
If I live with wildest death?
“I shall love you;
In you I sowed My deathless Breath.”

Will You love me, Lord,
If I come to You alone?
“Never! Bring quick
With you the world, else I shall moan.”

- Sri Chinmoy

Your Compassion

I do not want happiness, name and fame.
If I want them, I can get them.
What is most difficult to get is
Your Compassion.
And for that I am crying, I am
shedding bitter tears.
I am not getting Your Compassion.
The world is smiling and laughing at me.
But I wish only to be enamoured of
Your victory.

- Sri Chinmoy