Poems on Simplicity

The beauty
Of a simplicity-life
And the beauty
Of a self-giving heart
Have no equal.

Excerpt from Beauty-Discovery by Sri Chinmoy


Simplicity is greatness in goodness.
A simple life has to face very few problems.
Because you are simple, you can embody God’s powerful Hope in you.
Simplicity is a very glorious discovery.
Simplicity is the fruitful birth of peace.
Simplicity is God’s beauty-friend.
Simplicity soulfully reaches the vast reaches of the world.

Excerpt from Silver Thought-Waves, Part 2 by Sri Chinmoy

Simplicity Has Solved My Problems

Two problems I had.
My simplicity has at last
Solved them.
My simplicity has transformed
My hesitating mind
Into a daring mind.
My simplicity has transformed
My fearing heart
Into a cheering heart.

Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 24 by Sri Chinmoy

Simplicity is our natural or conscious awareness of reality. The moment we realise our highest transcendental Reality, we become simple. In the spiritual life, the higher we go, the deeper we go; the farther we go, the more we will see that Reality is only the song of simplicity and nothing else. The entire cosmic Game is extremely simple, but we look at it from a different angle in an obscure way. That is why we feel it is very complex, but everything is simple.

Excerpt from Life-Tree-Leaves by Sri Chinmoy

Is and will forever remain
A perfect stranger
To the modern mind.

Excerpt from My Fifty Gratitude-Summers by Sri Chinmoy


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