Quotes On Thoughts

Permit not thoughts
To come from near and far.
Let your mind remain
Tranquillity’s blue star.

– Sri Chinmoy (1)

Positive thoughts and negative thoughts
Come to us at every moment.
We must use our wisdom-light
To disperse immediately
Our mind-clouds
With our positive thoughts.

Sri Chinmoy (2)

Question: What is the highest meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: The highest meditation is when you do not have any thoughts at all. Right now when we are meditating, we are victims to many thoughts undivine thoughts, ugly thoughts, evil thoughts. At other times we do a kind of meditation where we get fairly good thoughts, divine thoughts, fulfilling thoughts and illumining thoughts. This is a higher state. But when we are in the Highest, there will be no thoughts, either good or bad. There it is only Light.

– Sri Chinmoy (3)

“God is all Love.”
“I am all for Him.”
These are the thoughts
A seeker can cherish.
All other thoughts
He should consider as
Sheer distractions.

– Sri Chinmoy (4)

Question: Is it really possible to empty your mind of thoughts?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, with regular practice. Early in the morning you are meditating for, let us say, fifteen minutes. During your meditation if you are getting twenty uncomely thoughts, restless thoughts, then after a month of serious practice, you can watch again to see how many thoughts you are getting. Gradually you will see how many uncomely thoughts you have eliminated. Again, if you get one illumining or fulfilling thought, you can gradually try to get more. It is like running in the outer lifeā€”from one mile at a time you progress to two, then three, and so on. Perhaps you started at a ten-minute pace, but gradually your regular practice enables you to go faster. Like this, gradually you will be able to go beyond the thought-world. There will be some thoughts floating in your mind, but you will not be affected by them. Thought-power can create problems for us or help us. A really good thought is the soul’s vision operating in the mind.

– Sri Chinmoy (5)


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