Poems and Quotes on Peace of Mind

At last I now have peace of mind:
My fault-finding eyes nowhere I find.

– Sri Chinmoy (1)

My Lord Supreme,
How can I maintain my inner strength?
“My child,
You can maintain your inner strength
Only by having peace of mind.”
My Lord Supreme,
How can I have peace of mind?
“My child,
To have peace of mind
What you need
Is purity in the body, the vital
And the mind itself.”

– Sri Chinmoy (2)

I get peace of mind
The moment I ask my mind
To stop running
And I ask my heart
To start singing.

Sri Chinmoy (3)

“Peace is man’s greatest and highest blessing. Man thinks that he can get everything with prosperity; but if he is wanting in peace, then he is the worst possible beggar. We say “peace of mind,” but actually we do not have peace in the mind. By staying in the mind, we can never have even a glimpse of peace. When we want peace, we have to go beyond the realm of the mind. How can we go beyond the mind? It is through our constant aspiration. That aspiration will enable us to collect the mind like a bundle and throw it into the sea of the heart. Then we will see that our mind, vital and physical—our whole existence—will be inundated with inner peace.”

– Sri Chinmoy (4)

Interviewer: When you talk about peace, are you talking about having no wars, or individual peace?

Sri Chinmoy: Individual peace must come first. If I have peace of mind and you have peace of mind, then there cannot be war. But if I do not have peace of mind, then I am constantly insecure, jealous and afraid of you. I think that you are going to attack me at any moment, so I want to attack you first. Or I feel superior to you and want to show my supremacy; I want to prove that I am greater and stronger than you, so I declare war. All this is coming from the mind. Indeed, war always begins in the mind. But if I live in the heart and feel my oneness with you, then I am not plagued by insecurity and jealousy. Then there is only oneness-peace. So I tell the world, “Let us live in the heart, not in the mind. War is in the mind, but love and peace are in the heart.”

– Sri Chinmoy (5)


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  1. Great poems! Brings out the inner beauty of a person , makes one happy….really beautifull felling from reading.

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