The Ever New Vision and Ever Ancient Reality

All you need to do is open this book and read the first line of the first poem,

“An endless series of skies
Where there is no air…”1.

If these few words do not immediately open your heart to the depth and splendor that exists beyond the reasoning mind and compel you to read more, then this book is not for you.

A recently compiled collection of Sri Chinmoy’s early poetry, this book is over flowing with the pen strokes of a true seer poet. As the editor of the book wrote;

These poem-songs are inundated with the nature-beauty of the Mother Earth and Heaven’s fragrance of light and delight.

Sri Chinmoy has translated these poems from his native language, Bengali, and the chosen poems are selected from over one thousand poems written by Sri Chinmoy when he lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and from his early years when he moved to America in 1964. Since these days he has gone on to write over one hundred thousand poems in English, all depicting the various experiences of the seeker travelling the road of the inner journey.

The poetry of Sri Chinmoy’s early years is inundated with his love of and identification with nature, frequently used metaphorically to assist the reader in identifying with the reality of the higher worlds;

“Seven seas and seven mountains
Around me.
Inside, the light of the sun
Is dancing in the inmost recesses of my heart.
No matter which side I cast my glance,
Mother Divine, I see myself enveloped
In Your fond embrace.” (2)

Most striking in Sri Chinmoy’s poetry is his unique ability to use simple language and imagery to portray a deep and lofty message;

“O my poem, you are the lotus
Of my heart.
You bring into my heart
Nectar-light from Heaven.
When my life flows
With the river of sorrow
With its countless waves,
May your magic touch
Hide me in the waters
Of liberation-sea.” 3.

This book of 100 pages is overflowing with enchantment, beauty, and splendor. Even a short read will carry any aspiring reader far away from the worries and doubts of the human mind, to Sri Chinmoy’s enamored and deeply touching captivation of “The Ever-New Vision and the Ever-Ancient Reality”.

By: Harita Davies, Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre

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